Diamond dressing sticks :
As indicated by the name, these bonded abrasive sticks are used for dressing of diamond wheels. They are available in vitrified and Resin bonds.
Their special bond & structure enables the user to get maximum life out of the diamond wheel being used. The idea being to dress the bond on the wheel & simultaneously not wear out the diamond.
Side cutting action PVA :
There wheels are an addition to the PVA wheels already being manufactured. These wheels are made by a special composition that enables the wheel to have enhanced cutting action at the side of the wheel along with having a good cutting action on the periphery of the wheel. Like the conventional PVA products they are to be used dry.
SiC Diamond dressing wheel :
Similar in action to the dressing sticks indicated above, we have developed dressing wheels which are used on machines with automate dressing capabilities. These wheels have been developed for both resin bonded & metal bonded / CBN wheels.
Rubber bonded mounted points :
These are flexible mounted points bonded with a specially formulated rubber bond. The application of this would include de-burring and mould polishing. This can be used in wet condition.
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