Rubber Bonded Grinding Wheels

Rubber bonded grinding wheels show different characteristics compared to other grinding wheels.They are resilient and as strong as others.These are suitable where coolant is used . The finish obtained with them is high and rich,. They can be used in precision grinding, polishing and regulating.

Grinding :

Recommended for precision grinding of steel, 55 HRC and above , in cylindrical and centreless operation under coolant conditions where in higher stock removal and polish are the criteria.

Cutting :

Starting fro the thinnest of cutting to deep plunge grooving of metals. They exhibit perfect grinding and polishing in the component.

Polishing :

Wheels are flexible, imparting a high accurate finish in microns. The finish obtained under dry conditions are free from scrathes, chatter and score marks.

Regulating wheels :

Mainly for centreless machines. Their reilient character in plunge through feed and in form grinding makes it a better product for such applicationa.

Flute grinding :

These wheels are used for grinding flutes of drills and taps. These wheels have high material removal characteristics.


  Size Grade Application
Regulating Wheels 230 x 100 x 76.2
300 x 150 x 127
300 x 200 x 127
350 x 200 x 127
BA80-R-RSA Centerless Through feed Plunge and Form
Cut Off wheels 25 to 400 x 0.1 to 3.0 x bore Grain : BA, WA, PA, BC,GC
Grit : 46-120
Grade : O to T
Structutre : 3 to 5
Bond : RCSA
Cutting off and Parting off of Metals and Non-Metals under coolant conditions
Polishing wheels 25 to 300 x 1.5 to 25 x Bore Grain : BA, WA, PA, BC,GC
Grit : 80-400
Grade : E to M
Structutre : 3 to 5
Bond : RPSA
Internal and External surface Polish, Lapping
Grooving wheels 25-450 x 1.5 to 25 x Bore Grain : BA, WA, PA, AZA
Grit : 46-120
Grade : P to T
Structutre : 3 to 8
Bond : RGSA
Grooving, Chamfering, Pointing etc.
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