Super Finishing Stones & Wheels

As the name suggests these stones are used to achieve very high quality finishes. In certain cases it is an extension of honing operation.

We manufacture the widest range of super finishing stones for a vast number of applications. Super finishing stones are manufactured from high purity aluminium oxide and silicon carbide in grits ranging from 500 to 1200 as per FEPA standards. On special requests from our customers we can also supply super finishing stones in grits as per Japanese standards upto grit 6000. These can be supplied in any shape or size.

We have developed very special bonds for these products based on the applications, which combine a good rate of stock removal with a capacity to produce excellent finishes. on hardened steel components finishes as high as 0.01 microns can be obtained.

These stones are manufactured in vitrified bond, resin bond, rubber bond as well as flexible PVA bond and are recommended based on the application.

Application :

Our stones are specially manufactured for the following application.

  • Superfinishing the tracks of Ball Bearings (IR & OR)
  • Cylindrical bearings, Cylinder roller and taper bearings, angular and needle bearings
  • Finishing of rollers and shafts, piston pins etc.
  • Finishing of high pressure hydraulic cylinders & pistons
  • Finishing of ball bearing seats of cam shafts & crank shafts.
  • Finishing of shock absorber components.
  • Finishing of Textile and printing rolls.
  • Finishing of bearing shafts of rotary compressor and pumps

For super finishing of surface- plain & cup wheels are used for

  • Finishing of cylindrical & conical rollers
  • Engine nozzle pieces
  • Fuel injection pump cylinders
  • Video head drum shaft
  • Pump Impeller
  • Valve seats etc.

It is important to select the proper stone or wheel for your specific application. Our experts will help you to decide your requirements. The following basic information will be helpful in making the basic selection

  • Type of machine used and number of stations
  • Stone pressure and oscillation ( wheel speed in case of wheel)
  • RPM of job
  • Approximate time allowed for each operation like roughing stations and finishing stations
  • Material of the component and its hardness
  • Material removal desired
  • Initial finish before super finishing
  • Final finish required
  • Size of the stone and number of stones ( wheel shape & size)

Specifications of stones currently being used and the areas in which improvement is desired if any (stone/ wheel) can be mentioned

Range & Selection Code :

Grain Grit (as per FEPA standards) Hardness Structure Type of Bond Bond Name (Internal Code) Treatment
BC - Black Silicon Carbide 400 - Coarse A - Very Hard 5 - Closed structure V - Vitrified SF ST -Sulphur treatement
GC - Green Silicon Carbide 600 B 10 B - Resin 61 WT - Wax Treatment
WA - White Aluminium Oxide 800 : 15- Medium structure   31 RT - Resin treated
IWA - White Aluminium oxide - special 1000 - Fine F - Medium 20   C PT - Oil treatment
IBC - Black Silicon Carbide - special 1200 : 25 - Open structure   C1 Blank - No Treatment
MC - Mixed Silicon Carbide 1500 - Very Fine H - Soft 30 - Very porous      
    L - Very Soft        
    Z - Very Very soft        

Besides conventional applications, these stones can be used for finishing or polishing on number of components, where a very high quality of surface finish is required. Kindly let us have your specific requirements and our staff will guide you to achieve the best results for your application. Although these are normally rectangular in shape but many special shapes are also being manufactured by us as per the requirements of the customer

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