Value Proposition

Over the last 4 decades of its existence, Super Abrasives is more than just another manufacturer of bonded abrasive products. Yes, we have kept pace with the developments in abrasive industry but more importantly we have also been up to date with the manufacturing trends in the engineering industry. This is a key part of the value that we provide to our customers. The wide experience that we bring to the table allows us to do 2 things:

1. We are able to accurately understand the current manufacturing process at the customer's end. We understand the limitations or advantages of the machines that are there in their setup and hence identify the actual pain point that the customer is facing.

2. Once the above is understood, then we can choose the right grade of the abrasive product required which will address this pain point effectively.

The elimination of customer pain points is what gives us maximum satisfaction. Our USP is in selecting and manufacturing the right tool for the application under the set of limitations and constraints at the end of the user.